Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The girls are here....The girls are here!

My nieces are FINALLY here! After months of knowing they were coming out to spend the summer with us, they're FINALLY here! They made it through their first plane ride uneventfully (except Auntie was late picking them up!!! DC traffic is the WORST, in case anyone doesn't know that! We left four hours in advance. I can normally get to DC area for work in about 2 1/2 to 3 hours MAX during the week.) I felt horrible, but they only had to wait a few minutes. I actually made them go stand back IN the doorway of the gate so I could get their picture as if they were just coming off the plane...heehee!

They sure did get big and pretty!!!

From the airport we went straight to the Big House. Oh, the Dog house. I mean the WHITE House! :) So the girls could see where the President lives. (I always imagine what he's doing in there. Like is he walking around in his underwear? Just casually sitting around with his feet up having a bowl of Captain Crunch?)

Pretty as they looked GW didn't invite us to dinner. Dang Republicans! J/K :)

From GW's house (after watching a little bit of protesting - about impeaching him for war crimes??) we walked to the WWII Memorial, the Reflecting Pool and the Vietnam Memorial. I think the girls were pretty impressed to see all the things that they have learned about or are learning about in school. They thought the treasury building was REALLY cool especially when Uncle Sam pulled out a 10$ bill and told them to look up and we were standing looking at the exact same thing that's on the 10$ bill!

I can't get over how much they've grown up! FYI: I WATCHED both of these two girls being born!

WWII Memorial

Throwing pennies in the wishing well. Think Zach wished for a new race car?

Washington Monument and the Reflecting Pool....they look so tiny (bad photography from Auntie!)
Hot Stuff!

I'm just a squirrel trying to get a(n)..............................Apple? HUH?

Vietnam Memorial
This was the end of our tour....we had to cruise out of there...it started to downpour! We left downtown DC and headed home, with a quick stop at BW3 for some hotwings along the way, which was good since it was storming so bad.

Other than that - the last two days have been fun filled with swimming, bike riding, football throwing (man these girls have got ARMS!!), crafts, baking, shopping, and lots and lots of playing with their cousins. They've been a tremendous help with the kids and they (especially Zach - the girls are just *starting* to warm up to them) just adore all the extra attention! Last night we hung out in the cul-de-sac with our neighbors, Jen and Kurt and their boys (Brody and Seth) and all the kids played nicely together and caught fireflies until well past dark (though Zach doesn't quite get the concept of "catching them gently") and Sam and Kurt threw the football around for awhile. It's been a great visit with the girls so far......I'm so happy that they're here, I've missed them so much!!!

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