Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Acrylic nails on a Cat?

Umm...are you kidding me??
Nope! I'm serious!! Well they're not quite "acrylic" ... but they sure are nail tips!

Ok people ... these things are WAY cool. First of all, let me say even though I live in PETA land now, I'm not necessarily opposed to declawing. I've had it done before. I think it's personal preference and choice if you're keeping an indoor kitty. My own opinion is if you have kids, nice furniture - you're probably going to be a happier pet owner if you don't have an animal who, by way of nature, scratches things.

But....I came across these things - which are apparently NOT "new" ... but I've never heard of it before. They're called Soft Paws, and they're basically like covering the cat's nails with soft rubbery nail tips....and it's totally humane. Funny looking, but humane. It completely allows the claw to retract, and it's cheap and easy to do .... and again humane ... so you feel good about it! (Did I mention cheap??) *yay* Oh, by the way, the "soft paws" come in different colors (as well as clear) so I thought for Trixi's first "manicure" I'd really go all out and get her the "PINK" to match her diamond collar. (Heehee!) So if she "scratches" anything as she likes to do (again----nature----) it doesn't hurt anyone or anything. How awesome.

Let me state that I'm not against declawing and have no bones (ha-ha, bad joke?) against anyone who does it and I totally see the other side of people who say it hurts the animal. But thought we'd try to see if this works for us. I hope it does.....! Check out their website .... http://www.softpaws.com/.

Here's some pictures of Trixi and her new "manicure." At least I didn't give her a pedicure too!

Keeping the new nails clean...

Aww...look how cute my pink nails look. ;) (Wait.....Is she REALLY sticking her tongue out at me??!!)

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