Monday, May 5, 2008

Dave Slagle **Update**

Well everyone....I'm really excited to be posting this....but Dave has finally made the long journey home!! Yea!

Sam called his cell phone tonight where normally Karen, Dave's wife, picks up. However, tonight, Sam got to talk to his almost-lost college buddy! I can tell you that when he came in tonight he was so excited to tell me who he talked to!!

I don't have all the details, because I was making dinner for a friend who had a baby last week (who is just positively precious and don't worry Sam - I know I said about 30 posts ago I wanted another way in HEdoublehockeysticks.....I can't wait to get them all past three!!!) Anyway, between that, making dinner for us (Cinco de Mayo - which Sam ended up making because I nearly burned the house down - which FYI to our neighbors - our alarm system DOESN'T work (glad we found that out before there is a REAL fire! I'll be calling the security company tomorrow, but in the meantime if you see flames shooting out the windows, be sure to dial 911!) So between all that and the kids being absolute ..............................................loving, sweet, beautiful, wonderful, precious, joyous, cute, funny, loving, sweet (oh, did I say that already) kids IF YOU KNOW WHAT I REALLY MEAN was chaos ... BUT in between all that he did tell me that Dave's home and doing well - he's lost some of his muscle mass and is working to regain his strength. But he is home. How amazing is that!!! It seemed to sound like he has a new look on life and what's important and I couldn't be happier that he and Sam reconnected. I wish they'd have done it on happier circumstances ... but whatever the case, I'm looking forward to meeting Dave and his wife Karen - who must be one of the strongest women out there ... between taking care of their business, their home and Dave all at the same time - and never complaining - just DOING. You all know me, I'd have been complaining and whining all day. (Just kidding, of course!) :)

If you get to read this Dave, way to go....everyone who reads our blog - our friends and family who don't even know you have kept up with your situation and have said prayers and have asked about you often. Every one's going to be so happy to read this post, and I'm sure they'll keep you in their thoughts and prayers throughout your recovery!

Goodnight everyone!

Rachel xoxoxo

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