Sunday, May 4, 2008

Cartoon Conundrum?

Have you all ever sat down and thought about cartoons these days? I mean, really THOUGHT about them? Well, I have been thinking about them the last couple days. A few days ago my little guy put in a DVD that had a Tom & Jerry trailer before the movie he picked came on and he thought it was *hysterical* that Tom blew up Jerry. I mean, he was like "did you see that, Mom, the mouse "exploded" the cat!!" He was seriously cracking up. I got to thinking about how much more violent cartoons were when we were kids. It was funny to watch things exploding, shooting, crashing, "Bams!" "Whams!" ... I specifically remember an episode of Tom & Jerry where Tom ties Jerry up and lays him across the railroad tracks .... only to see him squeeze out at the last second! LOL! Even Fred was mean to Wilma and often lied to her so he could sneak off and pull his crazy shenanigans!! (What would they say about what that teaches kids now!!)

Zach's into "Speed Racer" since he saw the movie trailer a few weeks ago. I got him a DVD of the "old episodes" because he can't WAIT go to the movies with Daddy next week to see the movie that's coming out. (Coincidentally and much to Daddy's excitement .... it was Daddy's favorite show when HE was a kid!!) Zach's gotten some of the cars (the "Mach 5" and "Racer X") and I was watching the old episodes with him tonight and I got to thinking again about how much more violent cartoons were "back in the day." There were cars crashing all over, exploding in a million pieces ....

It's amazing that we turned out okay. (Well most of us, anyway. The debate is still out on some of you!) <-- Smile!!!

Have a great night! <<>>

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