Friday, May 2, 2008

Snow in Virginia in May?

Umm, yep. Or at least according to Johnson & Johnson and three very, very naughty little Tramontanas!

When you hear your kids giggling insanely over the baby monitor NEVER EVER assume they're just "having fun" playing together like good little boys and girls. Which is what Sam said when we were cleaning up the dishes after dinner and were listening to the kids play in Zach's room. As a matter of fact, I even specifically asked him if it sounded like they were up to no good. He said "Nah, they're just having fun." Mom's are just born with instincts, I think and after a few more minutes, I decide it's too good to be true, my kids just don't play that well together for that long.

As soon as I'm getting close to Zach's closed door I smell the very distinct CLEAN BABY smell. You know that wonderful smell of a new baby's powdered bum? And I hear them cracking up. I open the door and Zach's Lightning McQueen blanket goes flying past my head. Apparently the funny thing at THAT moment was throwing blankets and their clothes into the ceiling fan and watching them shoot out. However, prior to that, the fun was OBVIOUSLY emptying an ENTIRE bottle of baby powder out in an effort to create a "blizzard" effect in Zachary's room. Yeah. This is not to mention, my cleaning girl Monica was just here a few hours ago. Lovely. So they all had to sit on Zach's bed for a time out while I decided what to do. They thought they could make snow angels, however that didn't pan out so they apparently went on to the ceiling fan idea. Only my kids.

Here's some pictures of the disaster. Oy vey!

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TheAkersFam said...

Oh, but look at those innocent faces! I am sure that the powder accidentally spilled out in 10 places all over the room and that the blankets were sucked up into the fan by the sheer force of wind!