Monday, April 14, 2008

Sunny Days ...

...Keepin' the clouds away ... ;)

Well, we haven't had many "SUNNY DAYS" lately, that's for sure! I hope the April saying is true in like a lion, out like a lamb (or wait, is it April showers bring May flowers? I get confused!!) Either way ... it seems like it's been raining or gloomy for the past two weeks!

Here's some pictures of the kids from Sunday as we took a walk through our neighborhood. One cul-de-sac has this little bench swing in the middle that the kids always love to stop and swing on ... so we were able to grab a few shots.

By the way, our floors AND our fence are in. It has been gloomy so I haven't taken the pictures of the floors yet but I will do it this week and send out a full before/after group. You won't believe the difference it has made! We love having the fence too ... it's so nice to be able to be doing stuff in the yard and not have to worry about the kids running around out front.



Addie ...She looks like such a big girl. Where did my babies go???

Troublemaker? This is Avery (Correction - this is Addison, per Daddy!!!)- Can you see what she's doing with her tongue? I can't believe Sam got her mid-tongue roll! She rolls her tongue backwards, under her mouth. It's like if you stuck your tongue out and then curled it OVER your lip and under your tongue. Strangest thing I've ever seen! LOL!!!

Hope everyone is doing well! Have a great evening!

Love & Hugs!
Rachel xoxoxoxoxox

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