Monday, April 14, 2008

Dave Slagle update!!

Hey everyone, Sam gave me an update on Dave Slagle tonight and I realized I hadn't put a post up since the awesome news of his transplant! So... I thought I would let everyone know that Dave is recovering very well!

He was moved last week out of the hospital and into a rehabilitation center where he will apparently spend about a month. From what Sam told me Dave lost a lot of muscle strength (pretty normal I imagine after being in the hospital for so long) so I am presuming that part of his rehabilitation will be strengthening his muscles! I know Sam is so excited to get up to Pittsburgh to see his old college roommate and his wife Karen and he is very thankful, as I'm sure all the Slagle family is, for your prayers over the last few months - even though (like me) you've never even met him! Sam was so happy that Karen kept him in the loop throughout the whole process with daily updates, etc. so that he could pass on information to the rest of their fraternity brothers - it sure did make the waiting and praying for his quick recovery go by faster!

Let's all keep Dave in our thoughts and prayers a little longer as he goes through a few more tests and the process of getting on his feet and back into his home.

Even though I know he's probably not reading this ... here's wishing you a speedy transition Dave!

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