Saturday, April 5, 2008

Lots of travel coming up!

We have got lots of exciting travel plans coming up over the next few months that we're really excited about and I thought I'd share!

First, Sam and I rented a beach house! We wanted to have a place where we could take Kayla, Ben and our kids for a week to just RELAX (though I will have to work a couple of those days unfortunately) and we invited Sam's mom, and his sister Donna, and her girls. It's going to be a regular old PARTY as I envision LOTS of frozen strawberry banana daquris!! The place we got is right on the beach in a little town called Cordova Beach, NC. There are no ROADS to get there - you actually have to drive on the beach, so you have to have 4x4 to get to the house believe it or not! It's going to be amazing and the funny - coincidental maybe - thing is the beach house we found is called "Daddy's Dream!" It's RIGHT on the beach -- 200 yards from the door to the water ---- so it's is completely private (sorry girls) and it has a private pool, hot tub, and a bunch of bedrooms, it's going to be amazing! There are wild horses that walk up and down the beach so hopefully we'll get to see some of them. We can't wait!

Two short weeks after that Sam and I leave for Germany, we just booked our reservations this week! Sam has a conference there for work from August 4-7 but we're actually going August 1st and staying through the 10th. We're going to go to Italy and hopefully Paris because where we're going to be in the Black Forest region (where Sam's conference is) is about 3 hours from each of those areas before and after the conference. We would be going to Milan, Italy where we we would actually have to drive through Switzerland to get there and through the Alps. How amazing will that be! And I'm hoping that the first weekend we're there we can manage to get to Paris ... I'd love to spend one or two nights visiting the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, The Seine! I'd also REALLY LOVE to see the amazing Neuschwanstein Castle which is near Munich (see picture below) - and apparently is about 3 hours away - so if Sam ends up NOT having to work Monday the 4th (which is a possibility) we may take a trip up there. I mean I've seen it on Little Einsteins about 400 times ... I'd love to say I was really there! (heeheee!) We are very fortunate for these opportunities, though I am using up about all of my vacation in less than a month! LOL !

Anyway, it's 11:30, and I'm heading off to sleep. Hope you all have a good night....don't let the bed bugs bite! ;)

Rach xoxoxo

Doesn't this look just amazing???

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TheAkersFam said...

Neuschwanstein is amazing. It was my favorite castle, although it is really New. I think it was built in 1890-something. I like the beauty of this one, but the age of the ones that were built in 1100-something!

German Bavaria is wonderful! We will have to chat before you leave as I have visited a lot of the places you want to go, except for Italy.

Funny thing, though, Paris was my least favorite place. I loved the sites, but not the people. I enjoyed the quaint small towns much more.