Saturday, April 5, 2008

First Haircuts!

Well, we thought we were just about done with "firsts" for awhile ...but guess what? We realized looking at the girls on Friday that we've never gotten their hair cut. In our defense, their hair has really just started GROWING over the past couple months ... but WOW, it was looking pretty straggly!

I took the girls individually over to JcPenny ... figured they (OK, I admit...I) couldn't handle the stress of doing both at the same time.

I took Addie first figuring she was going to be the easy one, and you will see that there are NO pictures of her getting her hair cut. She would NOT sit by herself (lol, which surprised me because she's definitely the dominant and more out-going of the two) so she had to sit on my lap. We only trimmed her hair (hers was definitely longer). But here's the result. Her mood lightened up some with the prospect of a "wi pop" (lolly pop) but still not enough for her to sit by herself.

As you can see her hair is a wild
NOT a happy camper ... but the "wi pop" and sitting on Mommy's lap did help us at least get the job done, and the end result is still very Carol Brady ... but she is adorable as always!

I get her home long enough to grab Avery ... which actually ended up being a disaster...I didn't even consider the "wi pop" thing - Avery screamed because her sister had one and she didn't (never crossed my mind)... one having something that the other one doesn't (ESPECIALLY candy)is a MAJOR disaster in our house (and when I say Avery screamed, I mean tantrum, kicking, tears, red-face screaming) the entire way to the mall (which thank goodness is only 1.5 miles) until we got out of the car ... and the first thing I did was ask the woman for a lolly pop. So that calmed her down and I think she was so drained and happy to finally have her candy, that she sat still ... and even though she looked like she was about to cry most of the time....she let the woman cut her hair. I got more cut off of hers (it was shorter anyway) and she looks positively adorable. I might actually take Addie back to get some more off - it looks so cute. Here's the pics....

By the way ... the girls can actually say lolly pop. They CHOOSE to say "wi pop". It's just one of those weird - I don't know if it's a twin thing, but they call it a "wi pop". If you ask them to say lolly pop, they say it no problem. They also call a sleeping bag a "freeping bag" which cracks Zachary up every time. Ask them to say sleeping bag, they can say it. Funny how they pick what they want to call things, even though they know the right way to say it.

Calm at last, but with the wild hair and "wings"

First snip, she's watching VERY closely to see what's going on. Can you see the tears welling up in her eyes and the pouty lip? She's trying so hard not to have the tears spill over, I so wanted to cry for her, she was being so brave!! It was too cute!!

End result. Pouty, but adorable. I think long enough for me to put little pig tails in or at least a barrette at the top. Her poor little lip was quivering, but she was a trooper...which was the last person who I would have expected it from.

The funny thing was both of them were terrified of the cape. Neither wanted ANY part of having the cape so I finally just told the girl to go for it without it, they were going to go home and get PJ's on anyway (it was late.)

So that was our Friday night ... Zach is MUCH worse at the haircut place - he is NOT a fan of getting his hair cut - especially if they bring out the clippers (watch out - you don't want to be anywhere near the Great Clips on Taylor Road the day he goes!) At least the lolly pops interested the girls long enough to get the job done, with Zach we have to practically bribe him - the lolly pop doesn't do the trick anymore. He wants to go to Target for a Monster Truck or a Hot Wheels Car afterward. Hey ............ wait a minute. I just realized that that little kid has probably been playing us this whole time just to get the toy!!! LOL .... where do these kids learn things like that????????

Anyway...........Tramontana signing off!

Hope you all have a good evening. Our floor project is going very well...the living room, dining room and foyer are completed....I'll post some photos tomorrow. I forgot to take pictures today when it was light out!

Love ...

Rachel xoxoxo

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