Monday, March 31, 2008

It's official. I can't go to Zach's soccer games.

So I officially either can't go to my first born child's soccer games .... or I have to go "incognito" and watch from the sidelines of another field and drive in another car.

I think I told you all that Zach had such a great soccer game a few weeks ago that he told me I could go to the next game... he was so excited....and he two great practices following that game and we even roped our nanny, Caitlin, into being Sam's assistant coach. So this past Saturday was Zach's second game of the year (they skipped Easter week). So ... me and the girls went along ... and it did NOT got well to say the least!!

I will give Zach this - the weather was almost 80 earlier this week (I even turned on the air conditioning for a couple hours) and then it went down to the 40's and windy on Saturday. He was positively FREEZING. So he pretty much cried the whole time and wanted to sit with mommy. Which didn't help the girls who were cold and crying too. (arrgh!!)

Here's some pictures of them practicing beforehand and he did get in for the first couple of minutes, so I was able to get a picture or two. Poor kid. (Poor mom.) These girls better turn out differently in the "mommy's girl" kind of way and it better be DADDY who can't see their first ..... ballet dance or something! :( (Smile, Sam!!)

(He's crying here looking at me to get off the field. As you can see, it's holding up the game!)

Well you all have a great night. Pray that one day I'll get to see him play in an organized sport. :)


Rachel xoxoxo

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