Monday, March 31, 2008

I have a question!

I have a question. I'm sure someone out there knows the answer though I am sure if I wasn't so lazy I could probably Google it and get the answer myself.

How are the Oscars awarded?

We watched "No Country For Old Men" last night. Oscar Winner, wasn't it? Okay it had a good story to it, albeit it was extremely gory and bloody and very violent - if you like that sort of drug-dealer, cops & robber, good guy tries to get the bad guy before he gets his wife type of movie. I do ... though to be honest I could have done without so much gore. Anyway......... we spend two PRECIOUS hours (anyone with three kids knows that two hours on a Sunday night are precious!!) watching this move that has a decent plot....a great won the academy award.....but it has one of the worst endings on a movie that I've ever seen. Seriously. The credits started rolling and I felt CHEATED!

So my question is who chooses the winners of the Oscars ... and what the heck is the criteria???
Rachel's official recommendation? Rent instead of buy this flick, people, or better yet.....don't waste the time if you hate endings that leave you going "THAT'S IT?" !

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