Monday, March 31, 2008

Home improvement project!

Be on the lookout for before/after pictures .... we are starting two major home improvement projects this week.

Here's a picture of what our new floors are going to look like (minus the really modern decor in the background...this was just copied off the flooring company's website!):

It's actually a high grade "laminate" flooring which is what every single flooring contractor who came out to look at our project pointed us towards --- laminate vs. hardwood. We're doing our whole downstairs (foyer, living room & dining room (AKA the playroom), kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, family room) so it is a pretty major project. They all recommended laminate because of the durability with having three kids ages three and under ... plus such a big part of the room (the living room/dining room) is actually the playroom where they have ride on toys, a slide, a trampoline, and all sorts of other toys that can potentially damage real wood floors. Apparently this is really easy to clean too - so even better! We are very excited, and this is supposed to look and feel like real wood, so ... we'll see! I'll send you before/after pictures when the floor is in.

We're also getting a fence this week too, which we're also really excited about. This will make it so much nicer to have the kids outside .... not have to worry about them running out front or into the cul-de-sac ... they're starting that on Friday - depending on the weather (it's been rainy the last couple days and the forecast this week doesn't look promising.) Maybe we'll also get a PUPPY one of these days? *hint hint*? (JUST KIDDING!) As much as I'd love a puppy, a cute, funny, bulldog (or a yellow labradoodle) we just have too much going on with three toddlers.....I mean, they're not even potty trained yet! eesh!

Have a great day!

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