Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hippity Hoppity Happy Easter!

Hi everyone! Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful weekend! Sam's sister Donna and Rick and their kids Jessie and Chelsea (or Chessie and Jelsea as I always call them) came in to visit from the South Jersey / Philly area and we just had a wonderful time. Eating, drinking, playing games (Rock Band, lol) and listening to music as well as tons of playing with the little ones. We also had a bar-b-q with our neighbors Jen & Kurt and their little ones (Seth & Brody) on Saturday (it was almost 70 degrees most of the day) and we just had such a nice time all being together - even our nanny, Caitlin, joined in the fun time!

The kids had a great time coloring eggs (well Zach, anyway ....we weren't brave enough *this year* to let the girls try THAT) and then waking up to their baskets and going outside to find all the eggs that the Easter Bunny left. It was funny watching them look out the window to "spot" the eggs before we went out there ... it was a mad dash to get the ones that they saw beforehand!

We then had Easter dinner with everyone, including Catilin and everything turned out GREAT! I made a ham - really for only the second time in my life - and it had a spicy glaze that you put on near the end to give it a nice brown coating and it had a spicy tangerine chutney that you spooned out on top of the ham ...YUMMY!

Here's just a "couple" photos, I'm sure you're getting tired to my new camera by now. Which I still love, by the way, In case I haven't mentioned that today! ;)

Anyway, hope you all had as wonderful and as blessed day as we did. Love you all.....Goodnight!
Rach xoxoxo

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