Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sleep anyone?

As most of our friends and family know, our little Pacifer lover also does not want to stick around in his bedroom all night long. Eventually he makes his way into mommy and daddy's room, and hogs the bed, so that mommy gets about a 1/4 inch. Well Momma's not that skinny folks!

Someone gave Sam a GREAT suggestion. He told Sam that what he and his wife did if their kid came into their room repeatedly (you do HAVE to try taking them back once or twice) but eventually you need your sleep - we're not spring chickens anymore! They bought a crib mattress that fit underneath their bed. Then when their child came in, they slid out the mattress, and that is where he slept. So tonight, I bought Zach this blow up Lightning McQueen kid-sized air mattress that miraculously fits under our bed and it has a sleeping bag attached and everything ... so tonight when he comes in and we can't get him to stay in his room.........we're going to show him his option. It's the floor or the door, buster! :)

I'll keep you posted how this works. NOT ideal (IDEAL perfect world would be for kids to WANT to sleep in their room - I mean he's got a TV that he can operate (start and change DVD's and everything) a lamp that he can use, tons and tons - oh I mean PLENTY - of toys ... ) but better than sleeping with us in our Queen size bed. Hopefully he grows out of this stage soon. He's going to need to get a real size bed in the next year or so (he's still sleeping in his crib turned toddler bed - but he seems to be growing like a weed) so we're going to get him a bunk bed. Maybe he'll think that's cool enough to want to stay in his room. Who knows.

Anyway, cross your fingers ... I'll let you know next week how our "experiment" works. Either way, he's all set in case anyone wants him for a sleep over. (Anyone, anyone????)

Have a good night.....going to be a busy weekend for us, not sure if I'll get to post.

Hope ya'll have a good one!



PS: To my friends and family in the midwest, sorry about your crummy weather. We've had 70's and 80's here all week, but I'm told it's going to get colder. So I know you all want to share your weather with me ... but please, no need.

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