Thursday, February 7, 2008

No thanks, we have plenty....

So I've been trying to think of really creative ideas to help Zach get past his Pacifier stage (I mean come on ... he's 3 now!!!!) We've tried many ideas, and this one - given to me by a girl in my monthly "Ladies Night" group I thought was a sure-fire winner. Umm, yeah.... not so much. Here's what happened

I told Zach if we found all the Paci's around the house and put them in a box we could go to Toy's-R-Us (his favorite store - he can pretty much tell you how to get there) and we would put the box on the shelf in exchange for any toy he wanted. I said wouldn't you like to get a really cool hand-held video game (he's REALLY into computers and Daddy's PS3 all of a sudden) like your big brother, Ben. (I'm thinking the Leapster would be great for him....especially in the car!!) He thinks for about a half a second and says, "no Mom, we have plenty of toys." So in lieu of a new toy - a really cool video game toy - he will keep his paci. Sometimes kids say the funniest things.

What am I gonna do with this child??? He'll be the only kid playing hockey with a pacifier in his mouth! (Of course, we don't let him use it when: he goes to his ice skating practice, when we go to a store or restaurant, when we go outside to play, when he is on the computer or playing PS3 with Dad.) Is putting a dash of tabasco sauce on the paci cruel and unusual? I've always thought that might work. Hmmmm...................... Any other suggestions?
A mom who doesn't know what to do with the paci's. (And please don't say just chuck them all. I'm looking for a way where I (we) don't go insane for two weeks listening to the kids screaming for them. There has to be a good ... weaning ... solution or some type of bribery scheme that works on toddlers. I just need to figure it out!!!!)

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