Sunday, February 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Addison & Avery

I can't believe they're already two. It seems like just yesterday we were getting the sonogram and being told we had a "baby A" and a "baby B" and now ... they're two...they're talking, they have opinions ...and personalities ...wants, dislikes. *SIGH* Makes me want another one. :( I miss the baby stage where they just do whatever you want them to do ....they wear whatever you put on them, eat whatever you feed them ... cuddle whenver you want .... :)

I do love how cute and funny and silly they are. It's so amazing to see identical twins be so just would never think they would be. Avery is so serious most of the time, and she loves to just do her own thing. If you notice in most of the pictures she isn't smiling - she's just ... more serious. Addie always looks goofy. LOL. Avery loves to snuggle and is a very thankful baby who knows her manners VERY well....although she is a little DEVIL ... LOL. She is seriously the one who tests us most of the time, and I think she is the one who is going to get her brother and sister in lots of trouble!!! Addie is the fun loving, posing, happy-go-lucky baby who just pretty much does what you tell her. She gets caught at everything bad thing she does!! It's just amazing to see the differences between the two especially the older they're getting. Physically it's getting harder to tell them apart, but you can usually tell them apart by their mannerisms.

Anyway - they had a lovely day being spoiled by their mom and and Nana (who bought them their baby buggys) and Grandma who got us all set up with adorable summer outfits I can't wait to put on them! Oh and their nanny, Caitlin, bought them an indoor/outdoor trampoline ... they LOVE it! I'll get some pictures of them on it tomorrow! Very cute!

Hope you all had a great day and please cheer for the Giants tomorrow! :) Sam doesn't want anyone to break his Dolphins undefeated record ...especially not by a team who is sleazy and gets caught cheating (and why they have to is beyond anyone...they are GOOD!)

Take care everyone!



PS: If you notice spelling errors, spell check isn't working on Blogger right now on my computer, I will go back and's just too late for me to figure out what the problem is right now. :)

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