Thursday, February 7, 2008

Guitar Hero tennis elbow. It's TRUE!

I wanted to tell you all before I forgot.....I finally got the Cortizone (spelling?) shot in my left elbow today that has been bothering me so bad since we got the game Guitar Hero, as I know I have probably complained to you all about a thousand times.

When I told the doctor that is what I think caused it since it's in my left (and non-dominant) elbow - he yelled out to the nurse "got another Guitar Hero one in here!" Apparently it's becoming quite the be careful when playing these new fangled games! I had to get the shot, which I had heard horror stories about before hand about how bad they hurt... but it didn't hurt at all and I honestly feel like a new person! I can lift things and open doors with my left hand .... things I haven't been able to do in about 2 months! Except I am supposed to wear two arm braces (one for my elbow and one for my wrist) and I have to have 6 weeks of occupational therapy 2-3 times per week (ugh!!)

I think I should write a letter to the makers saying there should be a warning of the potential bodily damage the game can cause! :) Heheeee!!!! Funny, but I feel (as quoted by Paula Abdul) one million percent...better!


Anonymous said...

Hey speaking of guitar hero (which i am extremely amazing at) have ya'll tried rock band!!? It is even better! Almost the same thing except you have two guitar's a the drums and the lead singer! It's pretty great! every sunday its ritual around! have fun and good luck with the elbow!

The Tramontanas..... said...

Oh yeah, we have Rock Band too...LOL! I can sing almost 100% to Brass in Pocket .... heeheee!