Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Not much happening here...

As you can see by my lack of posts not much happening here this week...

I'll start with a Dave Slagle update, since many of you have been kind enough to keep him in your thoughts - Dave is hanging in there ... he is on the list for a liver and his status moves up and down by the day. Please continue to keep Dave on your prayer list ... hopefully (this sounds kind of bad?) a liver will come his way soon and he will start the path to healing.

The only other real news is that I signed Zach up for pre-school this week. He'll start in September and it's a 4 days per week program. That will be good since it will prepare him for Kindergarten which he will go to - NEXT YEAR (2009!!) Holy crap! Yes, when I was registering him I ran into a friend of mine and we got to talking about how old Zach and the twins would be when they all went to school and we both thought Zach was going to be late because of his late September birthday ... but - the cut off is September 30th. You have to be 5 by September 30th. Zach will be 4 this September 22nd, and 5 next Setember 22nd .... so essentially he will be starting Kindergarten when he is 4. YIKES! I swear he was just born!!!

Zach is still doing good with hockey (ice skating practice) and the girls are as cute as ever, though we now have to PIN (yes, pin, as in DIAPER PINS) their clothes on when they go to sleep. They have taken a liking to the this is quite the dillema since they're not potty trained!!!!! (Just to give you an idea, we've cleaned their carpets twice in the last 7 days...ugh!!!) I hope this naked thing is one of these quick phases!!! :)

Anyway, hope you are all well...we're doing good here and I just wanted to stop in and say hello!



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