Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Where's the baby???

This is an image that will live in my memory for awhile ... we went in to check on the girls and one of them (not sure which) was sound asleep (UNDER) her crib. I HAD to grab the camera ... Sam was afraid it would wake them up ... but I said you don't get photo ops like this very often.

The sleeping in "big girl" beds is NOT going very well. The night this picture was taken they were up all evening long and so by the time they finally fell asleep (well past 10:30) we just left her there for fear of waking her up. We've since had to put all their toys in the closet. And tape the closet shut. (We've already had to move one of the cribs in front of the dresser so they don't open the drawers and take all the clothes out.) They like to jump on the beds, play and they usually end up falling asleep in the same bed together (which is actually rather cute, I must add.) Pray that it gets better for us. The girls actually have circles under thier!

Anyway - Kayla and Ben are here for the week, I just wanted to get this post up because I thought it was such a funny picture.

Enjoy and hope everyone had a Happy New Year!



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Anonymous said...

That is soooo cute!!! I miss them more and more everyday! Tell kay and ben i said hi. I miss them too!