Sunday, January 6, 2008

Hello...My name is Rachel, and I'm .....

Addicted to TOY shopping. Yes, you read that correctly. TOY shopping.

(Oh okay....Apple Martinis too, but ya'll already knew that!) <-- Smile!

Ok, so I'm trying to reason with myself here. Some women are addicted to shoe shopping ... or they spend all kinds of money on expensive clothes or makeup, right? I don't really do all that ... but I am addicted to buying toys. Literally the day after Christmas we were at the mall to get some clothes for the kids and I'm like let's go into Disney...great sales going on in there! (Mind you if you read my post for Christmas you will have read how miserable my kids were with all their new toys....too many new things all at once is my theory!) Anyway ... as you all probably know, Zach's been into the movie CARS for like ever now ... and he has been collecting (okay, WE have been collecting......alright, Sam....lately I have been collecting!!!) the little die-cast cars for awhile. I just took inventory. We have 74 of them. I mean, we literally have just about every single one that you can currently purchase. Not every one ... but pretty darn close.

Is there some twelve step-program for mom's who can't control the urge to buy toys? I mean it's a week after Christmas for goodness sake!! I've bought Zach two monster trucks and a CARS race-track for these little "Adventure" cars - which I haven't even mentioned (and we have all of, by the way, LOL!) The thing is....he has so many and he gets them all the time ... he could care less when he gets one. BUT I CAN'T CONTROL MYSELF ... I HAVE TO GET THEM. When a new one comes out ... I will go to EVERY Target, Wal-Mart, Toys-R-Us, etc. to see if they have it. Literally, I have driven to three different stores in ONE DAY to see if they had the "newly" released cars. It's like I'm the one who is addicted to getting him all the cars in the collection - he doesn't even know they exist. Someone please STOP ME!!!!! (Please note: I was at Toys R Us this weekend with Kayla - they had two NEW cars that we DON'T have - the Pace Car and a new "Lightning" Ramone ... my heart started beating fast and my palms were getting sweaty at the prospect of the new cars ... but Kayla (always the sensible one) talked me out of buying them. I actually walked out of the store and I was so pleased with myself. But in the next store, the store we ran into JUST to get tape (Wal-Mart) I bought him a CARS Racetrack. Oh gosh, it's out of control. Anyway, here's the list of the one we have. I figure "coming clean" is the first step of any program, right?? (smile!!!) Holy cow!!!

Bob Cutlass
Boost (2)
Chick Hicks (3)
Chick Hicks Dinoco
Darrell Cartrip
Dinoco Blimp
Dinoco Helicopter
Doc Pit Crew
Fabulous Hudson Hornet
Filmore PitCrew
King (4)
Kori Turbowitz
LeakLess (3)
Mario Andretti
Mater - Brand New
McQueen Bling Bling
McQueen Bug Mouth
McQueen Cactus
McQueen Cruisin
McQueen Dinoco
McQueen Dirt Track
McQueen Radiator Springs
McQueen Tongue
Mia & Tia
Mike & Sully
Mrs. The King
NitroAde (3)
No Stall
Ramone Ghostlight Blue
Ramone Gold
Ramone Green
Ramone Purple
Ramone Red Hydraullic
Ramone Red Old School
Ramone Yellow
McQueen Regular (2)
Red & Stanley
Rusty & Dusty
Sally (2)
Snot Rod (2)
TJ Hummer
Wingo (2)

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