Sunday, January 13, 2008


Yep, you read that right. My baby is OFFICIALLY no longer a baby. I swear he was just this tiny...

But today, we signed him up for soccer. He's really not a baby anymore. Two weeks ago it's the twins crib sides, and today we're signing Zach up for soccer. What next??? High school? First date? Drivers license (See below)? lol!! When I was pregnant people told me to enjoy the little things because time files ... but you really don't have any sense of how fast it really does go by until you are signing your "baby" up for soccer ... (smile!)

So anyway - yes, we signed him up for his first organized activity. I really can't believe it. We're not sure if he is mentally ready (lol) but physically the kid can run like the wind (Daddy always calls him Dash - like the little boy in the movie Incredibles.) Plus he can kick and run with the soccer ball ... so we think he's going to be fine for that part. It's the whole "following directions" that we think he might have a problem with. We'll see what happens - I'll keep you posted!! Oh, and Daddy is going to be the Coach! That will be exciting!! Mommy, Addie and Avery will of course be the cheerleaders from the sidelines!! :) Go Zach!!!

Hope you all had a great weekend.....


Rachel (officially a "soccer mom")

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