Monday, January 7, 2008

No problem, Daddy can reach....

Tonight I was laying in Zach's bed with him....telling him for the hundredth time (tonight) why he needed to go to sleep and he was asking about the stars we were looking at through the window. I told him that they're in outer space with the planets and that he can make a wish on them if he wants (I didn't mention that I had already wished on one that he would *please, please please* go to sleep!!). Anyway, he asked if I could get one for him, and I replied "oh no honey...they're up to high for me to reach." Ever the problem solver, he thinks for a minute and says "no problem, Mom, Daddy can stand on the ladder and get one." I said "honey they're even too high for Daddy to reach on the ladder." He thought about this again and said "yeah but he has really long arms!"

Just thought I'd share what I thought was a cute...and sweet....story.

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