Tuesday, January 15, 2008



Just an update .... Zach starts pre-hockey (learn-to-skate/play) on Saturday. This first 8 weeks will concentrate on learning to skate, etc. The next session of 8 weeks concentrates more on the technical aspects of skating, and then he will become a "mini-mite".

We think these activities will be good for him and if nothing else will give him some time to do things without his pesky sisters (smile!!)

Wait a minute, I just thought of something. I'm going to have to check this out. They don't teach them to start checking at 3 or 4, do they? They don't do that until they're like 12......right? I won't be able to handle my baby getting smashed into the boards just yet! :) Heeeheee! Will post photos of him on Saturday - Daddy is going to take him to get a hockey helmet this week - they recommend that he has one in case he falls. I don't think he won't be using a stick or a puck or anything like that for awhile. Daddy said he's going to get him a (real) Zach-size stick, too ... so he can be like his big brother, Ben! LOL!

Have a great day everyone, and pray that Zachary has more coordination than his Mama!

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