Thursday, December 6, 2007

It's .... bathtime! Yay!!!

As I have told our new nanny, Caitlin, bathtime is crazy organized chaos in our house. It takes no less than an hour and she should expect to come out of the bathroom almost, but not quite, as wet as they are. The kids all love to be in there at the same time and they enjoy splashing and playing and "swimming!"

As you can see, we also like to get a little goofy...


Addie on the right

Avery making a perfet fish kiss! :)

Note: She's the only one who can do this....her sister can't make a fishy kisses! heehee!

They really love the bath - we have colored tablets they get to pick each time (somehow it makes the water either blue, red, yellow, etc. ... and doesn't stain the towels or turn the kids skin colors) and I just got them bath "crayons" which they think are the greatest things ever.

Anyway, just thought I'd share a couple of photos, I know I haven't updated lately. It's been very busy with work and getting ready for the holidays. Hope you're all doing well!



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