Friday, December 7, 2007


Well everyone, thank goodness it's FRIDAY!!!! It's been a long week....Sam and I have both had hectic schedules....I was in DC, Baltimore and Delaware for two days and he had corporate people in town that he had to entertain (boohoo, he had to take them to dinner at one of my favorite places) but he did also have to make a same-day trip to DC as well.

Our new nanny, Caitlin, is doing good...she seems to have the "chaos" of dealing with three babies under three under control so we're happy and relieved about that. We all miss Carli and for anyone who is wondering...she is doing well back home in Utah. She's been keeping in touch with us and Zach called her just the other night to have her sing the "SPANISH" song ... which is some song she used to sing to him in Spanish that he claps along to and he loves. Caitlin - if you're reading this, you may need to call Carli and learn the words. (Smile!)

We took Zach to the dentist today...they just had a fast look at his tooth in the front. Many of you have seen this but his bottom right tooth ... looks like he got a "toofer"....two for one. And that is exactly what happened. Apparently two tooth buds fused together when they were coming in. They took one tiny peek and Zach was NOT a happy camper. Whew. I had to get him McDonald's and a Monster Truck afterwards! Heehee!!! I am not sure what we're going to do when we need to actually go in for a cleaning, etc.....which actually should be within the next year. It's going to cost us a bundle....he's going to get us for like a REAL monster truck! (heehee!) Anyone have any horror stories to tell about taking your toddler to the dentist so I know what to expect? Suggestions? Recommendations?

Anyway, here's some pictures of the maniacs I took this evening.........I can't wait until the day that we can get them to SIT STILL for like thirty seconds so that I can get a halfway decent picture! (This is just a warning, the picture on your Christmas cards - when I get them finished next week -'s the best we could do!!!!!)

Hope you all have a great weekend...and please, if you are anywhere there is snow ... be selfish. Keep it to yourself. We don't want it here. :) I'm just kidding......actually ..... we would love some....since I work from home and Sam's the head honcho at his job (who would just LOVE to call, I'd love a huge snow storm where we could take the kids out to play! As it is right now, they were on their play set and in their sandbox earlier this I don't think we're going to get much snow anytime soon.

Also just a note to our friends, Kurt & Jen .........HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Hope you guys had a great time tonight...Jen you looked beautiful! :)

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