Sunday, November 18, 2007

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.........

It was another *horrible* 60 degree autumn day here in southern Virginia :) !! Below are a few pictures we took today during a drive out to Yorktown/Williamsburg area. The kids (believe it or not) were great during the drive and when we went out for lunch, even though they've all got a cold.

The twins are getting so darn cute, I can't hardly stand it. They're into "mimicking" each other (this has just started) ... so if one is "singing", or dancing, or jumping, or rolling - whatever - the other one tries to do the exact same thing. (And of course, their brother can never help but join in!) They're both so sweet to each other - yesterday when we were in the store Avery was having a fit (crying) about something ... and Addison was sitting next to her in the shopping cart and was rubbing her back and her hair trying to soothe her. Zach is the same way with them - though he bosses them around, he loves to take care of them. He has to give them their "bottles" each night and makes sure they're on their blankie, and he brings them their babies if they're crying (which is probably usually a result of something he has done to them, lol). They were in their beds tonight and they started crying, Zach said "I'll be right back mom" ... and he comes back and said he went up to give each sissy one of his "monster trucks" (his new thing) so they would stop crying. Earlier today, Zach took Avery's paci and a few minutes later (without my even having to prompt him) he brought it back and said "I"m sorry I took your paci, Sissy!" *sigh* I know the three of them are going to grow up to be not only siblings but close friends.

The girls are saying soooooo many words now, and it's great that they can actually communicate what they want, though I wish they would listen a little more rather than communicating so much (joking!) Speaking of - does anyone have any suggestions on keeping them from climbing so much - for example, on the kitchen table??

Anyway, I hope everyone has a GREAT turkey day! Enjoy the time with your friends and family!! Enjoy the photos.............

The fall colors are amazing here - I love how the trees reflect in the water.

The first two are Old Mill Pond

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