Monday, October 8, 2007

Oh, to be young.

We took the kids to the park the other day. They had a blast, and they are so fearless! I'm sad to see them growing up so much that the twins go up and down the playset by themselves and Zach swings on the BIG BOY swing as high as his Dad will push him (much to Mommy's dismay! I think I got a few gray hairs watching how high he wants Daddy to push him!)

These kids are a complete joy to be around. Many of you know that our nanny left to go back home to Utah to take care of some personal we are in the search for a new nanny. In the meantime, my mom is here and she's loving the time she has with her grandkids, though I think they're wearing her

Here's some pictures from our afternoon at the park!

Addie looking like a big girl!

Avery going UP the slide

He's yelling higher Daddy! (No! says Mommy!)

Getting ready for bed after baths, goodnight kisses (Aww!)

Zach, there is NOT enough room in there for you, bud!

We aren't going to have many more of these moments ... where they all play togeter, kisses, was just a great day! !

Take care,

Rach :)

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