Monday, October 8, 2007

Happy Birthday to me...LITERALLY

So we had Zach's first official birthday party with KIDS two weekends ago. It was so cute! I'm going to try to get the birthday song video on youtube so we can attach to our blog, but Zach actually sang happy birthday to himself....heehee, he's so Polish! ;)

Here's a picture of him with his cake, which as it turned out was a NEAR disaster (more on that in a minute.)

Ok, now for the birthday cake story. Let's see. With all I've had going on, I was lucky to just *barely* get the invitations out. I finally get them done, and in "my mind" the last Saturday in September was the 30th. Apparently it wasn't, it was the 29th (which makes sense since his birthday - the 22nd - was the Saturday before). I realized the date issue after someone called - who knew I had said I was having his party on Saturday and not Sunday. So I let everyone else know of my blonde moment - however I forgot to call the place we were having the cake made. I go in to pick up the cake at 10:30 (his party was scheduled for noon) and they were confused as to why I was wanting to pick up the cake a day early. (OH MY GOSH, I FORGOT TO CALL FARM FRESH!) I think the cake decorator could just tell by the look on my panicked face - because she said don't worry honey, we'll have it done for you in one hour. I was completely freaking out to say the least.....I mean this is my kid's first REAL birthday party, and it's not like I ordered some plain old square cake with Happy Birthday Zach written across it! It was this elaborate "stage" cake, with airbrushing and all sorts of details. Needless to say, when Sam went to pick up the cake at precisely 11:30, it was ready. And perfect. This is the way people are in the "south" so I've come to learn. It just seems that they all go out of their way to help you no matter what.

The kids (and the parents too) had a great time - we all wore CARS tatoos (even the parents wanted them) and the excitement in Zach's face could not be hidden! Not only that, but the weather here has been pretty stifling for the past few months... however on this day, we had a breezy 70 degrees ... and it was perfect to have the party outside where all the kids could play and we could enjoy our wonderful wooded backyard.

Here are some more pictures from our fun day, and the shock of Zach turning three is finally wearing off.

I'll post more photos on our photo site over the weekend, just wanted to get this out - it's been a few weeks since I've blogged and I've actually MISSED it!

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