Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jump...jump.....jump up Jump and get down...Jump Jump

Yeah, we got our kids a permanent wear 'em out machine ..... a trampoline! (We're smart, don't ya think??? A couple hours on the trampoline a day....we're thinking sleep in, sleep in, LOL)

They always play on the neighbors, but we can't see them so we have to actually be in the neighbors yard to watch them ... so we decided to "spring" for it (no pun intended, haha).

The kids love it, and I'm so happy that Zachary can read now. When Sam first put the trampoline up he was doing flips and somersaults (same as he always tries to get away with on the neighbors). We told him don't do that Zach, you could break your neck and die, he's like "nuh-uh" ........ so ..... there is a very large warning printed right on the padding of the trampoline. I took Zach over to it and had him read it (I had to help him with the big words) but it said "doing flips or somersaults can cause serious injury including paralysis or death." He said death? I said, yes, die. It means you could die if you do a flip and land on your neck the wrong way. So now, no more flips. Ask Zach what he's not allowed to do on a trampoline and why and he will tell you no flip or somersaults or you can die. We told them about the dangers of playing too rough and landing on their neck, etc. and one time Addie fell (well I think Zach knocked her down in a "battle" which is their newest game) and she said "Zach you broke my neck!" lol! (not really LOL but it was funny to hear her scolding Zach!!)

Yes, "battling" is Zach and Addie's new game. Notice I said Zach and Addie - Avery wants no part of "battling." They pretend they're "Pokemon" characters and take each other on right down to moves that look like wrestlers, and they're usually laughing the whole way. (Of course, sometimes one of them gets poked or pushed or prodded the wrong way and there is tears, but we tell them if you want to battle each other, you're going to have to deal with it.) Oh, and Zach is always a character called Chimchar....which apparently has something to do with fire??

Funny thing happened when Sam was putting the trampoline together - I had picked the girls up at dance and we had to get a few groceries and we stopped at the new "Dollar Tree Market" to see what was inside. They had everything normal dollar store would have, plus groceries, HBA, produce, etc. One of the things they also had were a zillion different mylar balloons. So I let each girl pick a balloon (and they also picked a football / baseball one for Zach) and we left. Avery's was a purple (her fave color) star and Addie's was pink with princesses. Well, they wanted to take the balloons outside in the backyard while daddy was putting together the trampoline and we both said it was not a good idea to take them outside. Of course, mommy and daddy know best...because two minutes after coming outside, Avery lets her balloon go and it's stuck in the trees - way beyond reach. Sam said to her, well Ave, we told you not to take it outside so now it went to baby Sammy. She came inside where I was cleaning and threw the mother of all temper tantrums. Kicking her feet, banging her fists on the floor about losing her balloon and she says out of the blue - and Baby Sammy never gives our balloons back why does he need so many balloons. How do you explain to a 4 year old that when we "let a balloon go" to baby Sammy we're really not "giving him the balloon to play with." And I tried to explain it the best I could but she was not getting the fact that baby Sammy was not "keeping" all her balloons. Oh, from the mouths of babes. :)

We told her she could take a dollar out of her piggy bank (well it's a collective piggy bank between the 3 of them) and we'd go the next day to get a new balloon and she finally (finally) calmed down. So after brunch on Sunday (which BTW the kids think is the funniest word) I took her to get a new balloon and she handed the girl her money and was so happy. She decided it wouldn't be a good idea to take this balloon outside. Hmm, where did I hear that before?

Have a good night y'all!


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