Monday, April 5, 2010

Hippity Hoppity Happy Easter!


Hey everyone – I know, I said in my last post I was going to be better at posting.  Ok, Ok, I lied.  Well sort of.  I *want* to do better but this crazy schedule for work has me beat (Sun-Thurs in MD) and on the weekends, it is just mass chaos getting cleaning done and hanging out with the family.

So we had a nice but not relaxing Easter … the kids did their hunt in the morning (I got striped eggs for Zach, polka dotted eggs for Ave and flowered eggs for Add) and they had fun finding their own and helping each other find the eggs.  I had them on a goose chase for awhile – I thought each package had 12 eggs, turns out each package had 10.    They’d come back with their basket and ask how many more and we kept saying 2 … and after the 3rd kid asked and the answer was 2 … I realized that the plastic egg packages only had 10 eggs each!  LOL!!  

They had fun, though, and after the egg hunt and a short nap on the couch for momma, we got the kids all dressed up in their Easter outfits and took them to breakfast.   Here’s the pictures I took – I’m just downloading them all because it will take me too add them individually :)  Then we got to come home and spend the afternoon cleaning and in the yard (yay!)  <—not so much.  And of course I had to come up to Baltimore last night……..didn’t get in until almost 1AM thanks to DC traffic!!



Anyway hope you all had a Happy Easter.  I only have 4 more weeks of this crazy travel schedule left so hopefully next month things will be “more” back to normal! :)

Xs and Os……….


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