Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My little models….

Ok so every time the girls see the picture of them when they “modeled” for Tailored Tadpole, they say “we’re famous!”  (When I first got the sneak peak, I said look girls you’re famous – they now associate that picture with “famous" and “modeling.”)

When we were in Cali last week, we went into this little children’s boutique in the Haight-Ashbury district, and we saw these dresses.  Never mind what they cost (gag) but look how cute they are in them. OMG.  They’re called Apron dresses, I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the way they tie in back – and there is lace and pearl buttons …they are so cute.  You’ll probably see them in lots of pictures this summer because we can’t afford to buy them anything else after these (heehee, just kidding!)  I did happen to see the owner of Tailored Tadpole (at Petsmart!!) and told her that I need to order the girls “modeling” clothes.  They each want the outfit they wore for the pictures, they don’t want to match, which is RARE, they usually always want to match. I think that’s cute!! :)  If you get the chance, stop by Linde’s website www.tailoredtadpole.com and go under “collections”. And even if you don’t have little ones, pass her website on to those that do.   Her stuff (like these) are such high quality and handmade ORIGINAL designs.

Ave is the “model” for most of these pictures.

IMG_8864 IMG_8865  IMG_8866 IMG_8868 IMG_8869 IMG_8875

IMG_8876 IMG_8879 IMG_8882

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Linde-Tailored Tadpole said...

Rachel--you were right, they are gorgeous! I love the print and the design is very unique. The girls are growing up so fast! I love to see how they love each other. Thanks for your kind words about tadpole. I will have the outfits to you soon.