Monday, March 9, 2009

For the world to know ...

Well, I've recently realized that I don't say this enough. But I have a wonderful husband. Not only is he a great husband, but he's an incredible Dad, an honest friend and a great provider.

I haven't told Sam lately that I'm proud of him for what he's accomplished in his career or what a good dad he is. I think, after you've been together for awhile, some people (yeah, me) tend to take these things for granted and just "assume" the other person knows those things. So this is for all the times I haven't said it, Sam, I AM PROUD of you!
It's going to be our five-year anniversary this June (wow, where does the time go!?) And we've had a fairly rough couple of years ... we've had more life changes in 5 years than many people have in 20!

So - I just wanted the world to know how much I love my husband and how proud I am to be his wife. I'm very happy that, as hard as he has to work to provide for five children, he has found a job that he loves. (Pretty rare these days!!) He is by far, the best dad anyone could ask for - he loves all of his kids more than anything in this world. It's awesome to see Sam out there teaching Zach how to play t-ball, or seeing the twins doing his hair at a hair 'pointment and putting "make up" on him (yes, they both had hair brushes and told him that he had a hair 'pointment. They've seen "Max and Ruby's beauty shop" episode one too many times!!) He is so incredibly proud of Kayla for not only her dance accomplishments, but because she has turned into such a responsible young woman...who is getting ready for college in the fall! And of course, he beams with pride talking about Ben - the all around sports lover (think he takes after Sam?) He always wants to know how Ben does at each football game, or hockey game ... and waits patiently until Ben calls him to give him the news.

Here's a picture of us on our wedding day ... we got married in Las Vegas, at the Red Rock Canyon State Park. It was a perfect day - great weather, our family and best friends were there - and I remember how I felt that day like it was yesterday. Add Video (That also could be because I won 2500 dollars (50,000 nickels) at a nickel slot machine, where I sat down to rest my tired, swollen feet while Sam cashed in his chips from the Craps table. That was so funny - who wins 2500.00 on a nickel slot machine??)

Well - like I said, I just wanted everyone to know how very much I love my husband - even though I don't always let him know it.


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