Monday, March 9, 2009


A little late in posting - but here are some pictures of the girls birthday party. I did them as a "slideshow" so you wouldn't have to scroll down, and down, and down!

We had their party about two weeks AFTER their birthday (yikes!) but they loved having it at Build-a-Bear. That was the first time the girls had been there (Zach has been there before.) Both girls picked Hello Kitty animals (why, I don't know - they have never even seen Hello Kitty before, LOL!!)

We brought a cake and had pizza in the mall after the party, where the girls opened their gifts. They were particularly pleased with all the "fairy" stuff that they got .... I think Addie almost started to cry at one point she was so excited. :) Please note: In my consistent forgetfulness, I FORGOT TO ORDER THEM A CAKE! I realized that on Friday evening. Of course, no bakery was open, so I called Farm Fresh who SAVED ME, and bailed me out with a Tinkerbell cake (which is what I wanted!)

Zach made a seal (?) and he was ADAMANT that he didn't want to pick out any clothes or anything to go with it. Funny! He was slightly (really) crabby that day - I think he has a hard time when there are a lot of things going on (sensory overload-and it was crazy in there!)

All in all, it was fun (a bit hectic - because the store is still fully open to the public, so you're kind of maneuvering around everyone else.) I still can't believe my babies are three. Did I mention we're fully potty trained (except night time). No diapers or pull ups during the day AT ALL. Woohoo! Hope you enjoyed the slide show on the next entry!


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