Tuesday, February 17, 2009

And even MORE big news....

As you all know, Kayla is graduating high school this year! It's been a whirlwind of college and scholarship applications for her the last few months and she's been stressed about where she would get accepted. Well..........last week she tried out for the University of Minnesota's dance team ... and MADE IT!

This means....a scholarship for the 4 years (not sure how much yet) for a Fine Arts degree ... and she'll get to go to the school she really wanted to go to. The UofMN has put application decisions on hold (apparently they had so many students apply) but getting on the dance team has sealed the deal for her!! If you've ever seen Kay dance, you're likely not surprised about this announcement but I wanted to share the exciting news with our friends and family!

Here is a video of one of her dances I pulled off youtube.com ... as you can see - not hard to understand why she was one out of the hundred and something people who applied that actually made it....she's an incredible dancer and were very proud! (She's the one who starts off on the left.)
Congrats Kay!


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