Saturday, January 3, 2009

Finally Finally Finally!

I finally have a good picture of all FIVE kids! WOOHOO!!!!

You have no idea what that takes to coordinate (not on the older one's part ...on the toddlers!) Trying to get them to all look the same way, at the same time, keeping their fingers out of their nose for 5 minutes or doing something equally as gross ....! Whew.

We had big intentions to take this great outdoor family shot. We even lugged everyone outside in the sloshy wet and muddy leaves to GET the outdoor picture. Then, the kids were even looking the same way, smiling and everything....for about 10 minutes ....while Sam and I tried to get the camera settings right. I'm not sure what we did but in playing around with it earlier in the day- we managed to do something so every picture we were taking was totally blurry. And there would have been some great shots. Rats!!! By the time we got it fixed, the little ones were DONE and we had to go inside. At least we got a picture of the 5 of them, close together, somewhat looking in the same direction and HAPPY! *YAY*

I guess Addie and Avery need some more modeling jobs to get that picture-posing thing down .... they didn't get enough here: :)


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The Marcus Family said...

I have always read the coleman stories you post but i went to the actual carepage tonight and I couldn't stand just way too sad. i can't even imagine how that family feels, it would just break me to pieces. I hope, by some miracle, he gets cured...that poor boy. Stop posting things that make me cry!! haha just kidding