Sunday, December 28, 2008

Weekend in VA Beach....

Well to all my friends and family back home....I hate to say this but....our weather over the Christmas holiday and this weekend ROCKED. Saturday was in the 70's and today (Sunday) the car temperature registered 80 degrees. Ok something is wrong with this picture!!!
On Christmas Eve my kids were outside playing hopscotch ... without jackets their Crocs .... unreal!! Today, I saw my neighbor's kid playing outside without shoes on. This is just very ODD to does not feel like December 28th!!!
I have to say, I DO miss the snow....just a little bit. I don't miss the driving in it....the 4 hour commutes to the South side of Chicago down I-55 during a terrible snow storm... the shoveling (well, OK, I never did THAT), the bundling up in snow boots and jackets and mittens .... but it would be nice for our kids to have ONE weekend they could play in the snow, and we could see it glistening on the trees. *sigh* .... always want what you don't have, right? :)
Anyway, the previous post are some pictures from this past weekend. If you can believe it I didn't take a SINGLE picture from Christmas. I took some video with my awesome new FLIP video recorder I got for Christmas.....but NO pictures. Don't ask me why. I'm a bad Mom. This year everything (for me) was so chaotic, disorganized, down to the LAST second. Not usually like that for me. I'll post the Christmas video soon so you can see Zach opening his present that he wanted most .... a big Spike dinosaur with a remote control that moves and picks up bones. It's rather funny and he's so excited he loses his pants. Literally. Heehee.
Anyway, it's late so I'll leave you with the pictures. I have to work tomorrow....Sam's off all week because Kayla and Ben are here ....we were actually getting worried - their flight got delayed in Atlanta (we don't normally have them connect, but the flights were so expensive this time, it was really our only option) and they kept delaying it, and delaying it....and Sam had actually booked the later flight so the kids didn't have to rush out of the house the day after Christmas morning.
Hope everyone had a Merry, Merry Christmas!!
Love to all!


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