Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday morning at the Tramontanas ...

This is a typical Sunday morning at our house .... the girls playing together and Zach and Daddy playing their new favorite game......Batman Lego on the Playstation. I think it's so funny that Zach plays the PS3 ... he is actually GOOD - and they get into "character" a lot of the time which cracks me up - Zach will call Daddy "Batman" ... Daddy will give "Robin" instructions on where to go next ... very funny.


Enjoy the videos ... or as the girls say .... bideos!

Notice, Zach is so into the "Game" that the kitty brushing up against him (pet me, pet me) doesn't even bother him!

And here was what the girls played with all day - we had to keep making them "cool forts and tents".

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