Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Our newest craze ...

Other than their pacifier's - a habit we kicked a few months ago - my kids have never really had any type of security object - no blankie, no "lovey" ...anything. The girls love babies, and they are WILD about stuffed animals ... but what they go to bed with changes by the day. Until the other day. The other day I went to Sonic. And inside the Sonic kid's meal were these crazy looking "tater tot things" that are about two inches big .... (here's a picture from Sonic's website).

Zach got the white one, and thinks it looks like a marshmallow - he could really care less about it (WAY more into his cars and Legos and stuff like that!) but the girls got the two green ones that are in the middle and OH. MY. GOSH. They will NOT let these things out of their site. I am telling you it has been the cause of being up half the night (Avery calls hers a "football" and Adddie calls hers a "monkey" ... don't ask??) It is almost 10:00 and they are STILL freaking awake because they keep dropping these things on the floor (then they can't find them), they get lost in the blankets, under the pillows .... ARRGH!!!

Who would have known that a Sonic tater tot would be the next big thing at our house? And to think we spend so much money on toys....we just need to get them "Wacky Packs" at Sonic every week for 2.99$ and we'd be in good shape and a lot less broke!


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