Monday, October 20, 2008

Addison & Clark

Are our RED and BLUE Betta Fish.

Ask me if we, ok,ok,ok, "I" had *any* idea these suckers can live up to like 4 years. I thought when I bought Zach these fish around APRIL of this year because he BEGGED me for one at PetSmart (then we had to get one for his sissy's), they'd be gone in a matter of weeks. Would you know, I am STILL taking care of them?? And the worst part is every time I go to feed them, I have just this little itsy bitsy *fantasy* that maybe today was "their" day. How terrible is that? LOL (but seriously, I have the same thought EVERY day!!) !! He thought the fish were cool at first, but has since moved on to bigger and better things the WII!

Recommendation - if you want to do the quick fish thing - get a goldfish. I hear they don't live very long, under the same circumstances! And I can't actually FLUSH them or do anything MEAN to them like purposely not feed them (though I did run out of food for a couple days awhile ago and they STILL lived!!) I wonder if it's true that male Betta's really fight? Hmm. (JUST TEASING!) Does anyone want to share the fun and joy of fish owning with their kids? I'd be glad to pass them down so one of my lucky fellow friends / mom's can share this wonderful experience with their little one, all supplies included!! (!)


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