Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I did a bad, bad thing.

Shame on me. I did something terrible to my kids and I have to confess.

Let me preface this post by saying that my kids LOVE to be "creeped out". They love to be scared (jump out from around a corner and say boo), they love creepy, crawly things (bugs, etc.) and I'm always trying to find something to (as they say) creep them out because I love practical jokes and that kind of thing (like I'd buy Zach a rubber snake or a fake spider ---- just because he'll freak for a second - like is it real?? - then crack up and try to scare everyone else with it.)

A couple weeks ago, I bought these gummi candy bugs at Target. There was a spider, a couple of caterpillars/worms, a cockroach looking thing. I put one on each of their plates with their lunch and they weren't even "creeped out" at all, they thought they were funny and not gross. trip through the candy aisle, I spot these.

They are round, gummi eyeballs. When they're out of the package, they really do look like an I even asked Sam after I bought them if he thought these looked more creepy than the gummi bugs.....and he definitely thought they did. So tonight, I opened one, and the kids were right by me, and I turned around, dropped one, and grabbed my eye. They all looked at this candy eye, back up at me ... (I'm smiling at this point) and Zach started WAILING - I mean he was FREAKING out. He had his hands on his face in complete horror and was like your eye popped out, Mommy, your eye fell out! I felt HORRRRRRRRRIBLE!!! I was like no Zach, it's candy (which I had to proceed to eat to show him ... ick...) but it took a good 30 minutes for him to get over it and I swear all night long he kept checking my eyes. I told him eyes really couldn't come out of your head and he said "yes - if you fall and break your head open, your eyes could roll out." (Where did he get that one?)

I seriously thought they would be "creeped out" and then laugh. I really thought Zach, of everyone would think it was funny. I had no idea he would be soooooo upset. So word of advice, even if your kids like practical jokes and being "creeped out" and that kind of thing - skip the gummi eyeball. (Especially if they're only 4.) I'm probably going to have to send him to counseling when he's older thanks to my "eyeball stunt."

Not my smartest mommy-move! :(

(PS: it didn't faze the girls - they were more wondering why Zach was so upset and Avery wanted the candy! And also - these would be PERFECT for an OLDER kid's Halloween party - they are sort of gross!!!)

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