Saturday, October 11, 2008


Tonight we had our friends Jen and Kurt and their kids over for dinner ... and since we've only known them for just about 2 years (JEN - CAN YOU BELIEVE IT IS GOING TO BE 2 YEARS SOON? Seems like just yesterday) they didn't know me "pre" HAIR STRAIGHTENER!

They didn't believe I had curly hair so I grabbed a picture (first I could find) and here it is. Mind you. This is 12 years ago. I will tell you that this is the day that my sister had her baby, and I will also tell you that I was, um..............out late, let's put it that way..........the night before! Heeheee!!! I was actually there that morning for the delivery and did get to go take a shower and come back to hang out with my first niece, Kiersten (who, by the way just made her Jr. High School cheer leading and dance squad!! WTG Kiersten!)

It seems like just yesterday in some aspects, and in others it seems like forever ago. I don't think you really have any REAL concept of how fast time goes until you have kids. Sure as we get older things start falling apart (our bodies!!) but when you see your own kids doing things like - going outside to play - by themselves, getting dressed by themselves, making their own chocolate milk, playing sports .... even things like picking out DVD, changing the DVD and maneuvering the remote to pass by the trailers and get the movie started - you just really realize how quickly kids grow up and how fast our time with them passes. (Sad, but great at the same time.)

Anyway, here's me....12 years ago. Curly hair and all. (And here's you Kiersten, thank goodness your cone head was gone by the time this picture was taken ....ask Mommy about that!)

Love to all!



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