Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Zach's first soccer game

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to post some pictures of Zach's first soccer game this season - his new team is called "The Blitz." I didn't take these photos, Zach had asked me if I would leave my camera at home (apparently it made him upset ??) - another mom took these.

He scored two goals this game, and 5 goals in his second game. Not that we're keeping score or anything, this is afterall, just a fun league where they practice and learn to play! :)

Click this link here for a slideshow. He looks like he is working so hard ... he really does try - most of the time! :) Enjoy:
When you click on the link, click SLIDESHOW to the top right. I thought I'd try a new site ... I don't like it as much as KodakGallery. I thought I'd be able to post a slideshow like Photobucket (but I think Photobucket is hard to use sometimes and takes forever to download) so I thought I'd try this, but I couldn't embed the HTML code onto my page for some reason - I kept getting an error. Anyway, just click the link then click SLIDESHOW to see the pictures.


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