Saturday, September 6, 2008

Rumor has it ..

That a praying mantis is good luck. Well even though my kids picked this one up, had it on a stick, in their hands, dropped it a few times, as of this morning - it was still sitting on our porch (alive, which is a good thing because the rumor also says that killing them is bad luck!)

He's kind of creepy looking, but the kids - Zach and Addison anyway - thought he was pretty cool. Or as Zach said, "way too cool."

I've never actually seen a brown one? The ones I've seen before have been green. This one was brown but it had a little bit of green on his/her (?) underside.
He loves bugs. A couple weeks ago he brought a cricker inside. He snuck it in his pocket because Nana told him he couldn't bring it inside. A cricker is a cricket, didn't ya know? By the way, crickets are like 2nd on my list of most disgusting bugs (eesh!!) I can only IMAGINE what I'm in for as this kid gets bigger!

Addie thought the Praying Mantis was neat too and she wasn't afraid of it at all. Avery was more interested in playing in the rain.

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