Tuesday, September 2, 2008

And now...the moment you've all been waiting for ...

(No ...not the rest of my Paris blog, silly!) <--- Smile!

Here he is at home as he's leaving the house. He's all decked out in new shoes and "play clothes" -they told us to send him clothes he can "get dirty" ... though he didn't come home dirty at ALL...so I could have sent him in a brand new "first day of school outfit!!!" I'll remember that next year!

He looks pretty excited!

Ok is he the biggest Ham or what? I mean does the kid think he's a model? Look at the way he turns this way and that way ... turns his hips. I know he's cute and all with those killer dimples but jeez! Heheee! What a goof! By the way, he's giving the "thumbs up" here...he's ready to leave!

Getting in the car .... still excited. His brand new spiderman backpack on his shoulder ....

Posing? Outside the school. OMG, I'm raising a total camera hog.
Um yeah, I'm holding this tree up. Any of you hot preschool babes want my beeper number?
Checking things out ....
Looks like he's getting a little nervous.

Here's what happened. Daddy took him to school today - we figured maybe it would be easiest for Zach if Daddy was the person to drop him off on his first day - and then he'd see it was lots of fun! So Sam drops him off and he was fine - hung up his back pack on his hook - and then another little boy in his class came in pitching a royal fit ... and then Zach lost it. So Sam walked out of the room (this is what they want you to do) and he stood outside the door for a minute - well, a Mom who was walking in at the same time to drop off her daughter saw him and when she came out a minute later she said Zach was just fine. I picked Zach up at noon and the teacher said after 5 minutes, he was fine. I had the twins with me and they both said Hi Zachy, how was class. They said they missed him. (Aww!)

So...overall. Day 1............SUCCESS! YIPPEE! I'm taking him tomorrow, so we'll see what happens. I'll fill you in.

Have a good night everyone, I'm signing off! :)

Rachel (who officially turned THIRTY FIVE today....OK I'm admitting it! And I will say that Sam was very sweet - he came home between work and softball and brought me dinner - even though we're celebrating this weekend - and he sent me beautiful flowers today ... he really is a wonderful husband! Although...he did have a cake for me yesterday with the kids....and he put thirty five freaking candles on the cake - and entire box of candles minus one. Isn't that sad. Next year I'll be a whole box of candles old.)

PS: One funny thing that happened on the way home with the kids after school today. Addie said "look, there's a dump cruck". Zach says "Addie it's a dump TRUCK. Say truck." She says "cruck"...he says "no Addison, say TRUCK." Ok Mr. one day at school and now we know it all. Isn't that "sumpthin"? HEHEEEE!

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4in4 said...

I followed you from somewhere else but I don't remember where, b/c your ID was 3under3, which is what I use for my LiveJournal ID! I had 3under3 for several years as I had a singleton and twins, like you, and then another singleton! Enjoying reading you!