Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Now that we have a fenced in yard, we can let the kids go play without worrying as much - which is really helpful on a Saturday afternoon while I'm doing laundry and Sam's doing things around the house. (Actually he was at Lowes this particular Saturday.) I said the kids could go out in the backyard to play for awhile (they were actually still in their jammies) but to STAY OUT OF THE DIRT.

I came outside about 15 minutes later - seriously it was about 15 minutes. I decided then and there that my girls have a serious listening problem. Either that or dirt is way to tempting. Check out Pigpen 1 and Pigpen 2. Believe it or not, only Zach stayed clean. I think he knew what would happen with "Ze Lion" (<-- Ze Lion is their washcloth, it's a Lion puppet with a French accent. Well, my version of a French accent. Heeheee. ) Let's say he was right on this one, the girls were NOT happy about Ze Lion this time ... they had dirt EVERYWHERE. And when I say everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE. (Get it?)

She's looking at me like What, did I do something wrong?

Zach came inside actually and asked for crayons and paper and he colored while his sisters (Pigpen 1 and Pigpen 2) got all dirty.

Is it just my kids??

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