Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dress up time....

The kids are getting in the Halloween spirit....they've been wanting to play dress up a lot lately. We dug out their old Halloween costumes (kind of glad we've saved them) and have let them have lots of dress up time...plus Addie and Avery got these princess dresses for their birthday and we brought them home crowns and purses from the Disney store in Paris (what else do you bring a 2 year old home that they're going to get excited about, LOL)! So they think it's great fun to wear their princess dresses, with the matching crowns and purses, and the play shoes they got for Christmas last year ... heehee!

Zach also had his pirate costume on....but he was off being scurvy somewhere, and I couldn't catch him on film. The girls pirate costumes look so much cuter this year! (Rats!)

Hmmm.....wonder what they'll be this year? I think this is going to be the last year that I can swing getting them into doing the "group" thing....next year ... they're going to be wanting to dress up as their own thing. Even this year - it might be hard. Addie already said a Princess, Avery said something different and Zach of course wants to be Wall-E, Speed Racer, a football player, a baseball player ... and about 14 other things. So ... we'll have to wait and see. Though my neighbor is on the ball - she already got her kids costumes because they do get harder to find around Halloween, and that might save me some trouble ... because if they change their mind I can just go well...........TOO BAD! (heehee!)

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