Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Not a good day! :(

Today was not a good day! Boohoo. Need to vent.

I started to get a toothache on Friday -- just hurt a little. Got a little worse on Saturday (daytime) and a lot worse Saturday night. By Sunday it was intolerable. This morning, I couldn't take it. So I called a dentist, and I got in...............I had to get a root canal! Not only that it's a two part root canal. Do you guys have any idea what a root canal cost these days? You think gas is expensive, try getting a root canal! Our insurance pays for about 50%, but it's still going to cost us about 950$ out of pocket between the two parts of the root canal, plus the crown (it's on a front tooth). HOLY CRAP! And he said the tooth would feel better by the end of the day, but it doesn't. CAN I GET A LITTLE SYMPATHY HERE? (Smile!) Could be the 5 shots of Novocaine that I got because the tooth was hurting THAT bad.

Not to mention, apparently tropical storm Bertha, has turned into what they're saying is a Cat 3 hurricane. Please pray for us that it changes paths or fizzles out or something, we rented a beach house on the NC shore this coming week (we leave Saturday). And we didn't get the trip insurance. Lovely day!!!

Hope tomorrow is better............ :)