Monday, June 2, 2008

Slainte! Sam's Party!!

I had Sam's party at Fado, which is an Irish Pub in Philadelphia (actually they have several of them around the country - and I'd been to the one back "home" in Illinois.) <-- Hollie was it you and I who spent one drunk St. Patrick's day there, right by Woodfield? (Yes, I think it was!! Smile!!! LOL)
Anyway - everyone who RSVP'd showed up and we had a great time! Sam got to see friends that he hasn't seen in a long time and while I technically dubbed it his "birthday" party, it was truly more of a get together for his college fraternity and high school friends - not to mention family - that he hasn't seen in a long time ... some as long as 20 years!!! Needless to say, the drinks were flowing all night long and there was MUCH reminiscing going on - at one point there was a "quarters" game happening (the guys wanted to see if they still had the "touch"!) You should have heard their excuses ... heeheee ... the table is bad, you have to use a state quarter, the edge is flat.... it was all the reasons why they weren't able to make the fancy quarters shots (rolling them off their nose, out of their mouth....LOL) any more!!! They really reverted back to fraternity days for a little while!! Heehee!!

Sam had a great time, which was what I had hoped although he wasn't feeling so hot on Sunday. He doesn't quite remember the very the end of the evening (including giving the homeless guy outside the restaurant 20 bucks)...LOL!!! Unfortunately, I think the body bounces back much better at 25 than it does at 45. LOL!!! Anyway, hope you enjoy the pictures!!

Karen and Dave Brooks. These two went to high school with Sam - and Dave was Sam's best friend. They lost touch for a long, long time, and I very creatively located Dave for Sam! They were so happy to be reconnected and it was amazing to see how - even though they haven't talked in almost 15 years or longer - their interests have gone the same way (they're both into the same music, kayaking, outdoors stuff, etc.) We had lunch with them before the party and it was great to get to meet the people who I've heard the most "stories" about as Sam was growing up! Note: Dave and Karen were high school sweethearts and it's evident that they're every bit as much two peas in a pod now as they were then .... that's so great to see!!

Is this smile not worth a million bucks? Look how happy he is!

Sam's "almost" 21 year old niece, Jessica, came and had a beer (Sam challenged her to see who could "chug" more of it ...LOL). As you can see, by this point, Sam was wearing more of his drinks than anything!! ;)

Karen (I think??) and Jill (Sorry if I got the name wrong!!)
Us with Dave and Karen Brooks

Andrew and his girlfriend, Kayla
Playing quarters .... so intently! (By the way, the phone is in his hand, because in all these guys infinite college-degreed-wisdom they decided to call all the other members of their fraternity who couldn't make it ... at like 11:00 PM ... and scream obscenities on their answering machines(apparently something they used to back in college.) Yep, they definitely reverted back to their fraternity roots for a couple hours!!
Sam was very " loving" at the end of the night!
More kisses!! LOL

All in all, I think everyone had a great time, and I appreciate everyone coming out. Many people had to travel to get to the party and Sam was very humbled that you would all do that. We hope we can make this something that happens more than once every 20 years ... we really had fun! I think Jill mentioned maybe a family outing next year in Hershey? Jill, we're all for that, and I hope you get that together - let me know if I can help in any way! We'd love to get together again and I'd love any reason to get back to the Hershey Hotel...which was AMAZING!

Cheers everyone and thanks again!


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