Monday, June 2, 2008

The things kids say!

I've been trying to think of some of the funny things our kids have said recently. They've all said a couple of really cute things that I thought would blog to make you smile .... and I thought writing them down would make me NOT forget them!! :) I started this post a couple weeks (about 6) ago and never finished it. I'm going to finish it now just for the BOO story at the end.

Ok, I'll start with Addison. She's by far our little goofball! Whenever it's her "turn" for something - she'll say "Addie Curn" (not my turn, not Addie's turn, not my "curn" - it's Addie curn.) So we've been joking and calling her Addiecurn! (Even Zach calls her Addiecurn!) Mind you, she will say things like "it's mine" if Zach or Avery has her toy - so she knows "it's mine". But if it's her "turn" to be picked up, swung around, tickled, have her bum rubbed (story for another day!!!!!) it's Addie's curn. Avery loves being treated like a baby - swaddled in a blanket, cradled and rocked and given a "pretend" bottle. She is so funny, she bats her eyes and goo-goos and ga-gas like a little baby and "pretends" to drink the bottle. Well, when you're playing baby with Avery, Addie usually wants a "curn" so she will bring you the blanket and say she wants to be a baby "coo" (which means she wants to be a baby TOO) and she'll keep saying it until you wrap her up in the blanket and pick her up and pretend that SHE'S the baby. They close their eyes as you rock back and forth .... very cute and they very clearly like to "pretend" that they're a baby. Addie obviously has a problem with the "T" sound that we are going need to work on, likey with a speech therapist since she also has a little lisp. So playing "baby" is now just automatically called "baby coo" and even Zach just says "sissy, do you want to play baby coo?" If they're wrapping their baby dolls up in dishtowels (not baby blankets, mind you) they're baby coos. Or if they wrap a stuffed kitty they're kitty coos. Or monkey coos. You get the point. :)

We took a walk with the kids a few weeks ago and we walked by a little forest patch where there was a trail leading into the woods. Daddy asked if everyone wanted to go into the "Spooky jungle" and Addie kept saying afterward that she loved the spooky "gungle" (another cute sounding word she says, but obviously she also has a problem with J words!) She is also by far the drama queen. If we are going anywhere - she'll clap her hands on her face and say "I can't waiiiiitttttt!" Last week we had mulch delivered onto the driveway. I let the kids sit on the porch to watch. She was in a TIZZY - "what are they doing!" "oh nooooo! They have to put it back in the truck!" " I can't see the driveway!!" And when she says it, it's so drawn out .... and her hands are on her cheeks, like it's positively the end of the world. I gave her a banana today, and it wasn't the "biggest" banana. You'd have thought it was the END of the world. She cried because she wanted a BIGGER one. I finally gave up and gave her the biggest banana out of the bunch - it just wasn't worth hearing her scream! Her poor future husband. (I'm talking about the diamond people, get your minds out of the gutter, will ya??) :)

Avery on the other hand is our serious one. She is usually just kind of off doing her own thing, she's just more reserved than Addison. The other day she had 5 small balls in her hands and Sam said "Avery you're doing so good holding all those balls in your hands." She looked up at him and said "Yes. I am." Just very seriously, matter-of-fact. It was too cute. She also threw the absolute biggest and I mean biggest temper tantrum the other day when Sam went to take a shower. He left the room and she screamed - I mean screamed - for "DADDY BACK" for 20 minutes. Talk about spoiled? Aye-yae-yae! She's quite the troublemaker at nap time too. Addie will be sound asleep and you will hear Avery over the monitor whispering Addison, Addison.....LOL. She's such a bad influence, I wonder if she will continue to be that way...heehee!! **SEE BOO STORY DOWN BELOW** When you ask her what she's doing she will say "nothin'" in a really high pitched voice! Avery is alot more relaxed and can be calmed down a lot easier when she's upset but her tantrums, out! Her tantrums can last 30 minutes if you don't just scoop her up and put her in her room. And then there is Zach. He says about a million things a day that he probably shouldn't. We have Sam's mom here for a couple weeks and she has Moxie with her (Moxie is her little Yorkie) and we heard Zach in the other room with Moxie telling her "I am NOT going to tell you again Moxie....." Oh we do so hear ourselves from the mouths of our kids.... LOL!!! What is even funnier about "Moxie" is that for the last few months, Zach has been cutting Moxie out of his prayer list. Like he'll say Please God bless this person, that person and Nana but not Moxie. We're not sure why, but he keeps saying Moxie bites (she's never bit him - but for some reason he's had it in his head that Moxie bites and since the last time he saw her until now - she was cut right out of his little list of prayers.) Well... he'd been attached at poor Moxie's hip since the second she came through the door. I was seriously afraid we were going to put this little dog underground the way the kids were running her around. They LOVED - absolutely loved - having the dog around. They laughed so hard at Moxie - every time she did something funny such as kiss one of them, bark, etc. - they all just cracked up and it's that deep belly laughter that you don't hear as often as the kids get bigger. Needless to say, I'm pretty sure Moxies pretty high up on Zach's prayer list again. One other really cute thing Zach said to his Nana when she was here a couple weeks ago- she was sitting at the table and he was rubbing her face and he said "Nan, I love your crinkly face!" Aww, how sweet is that? It's almost as cute as when she came out of the house last summer and he goes "Hey Nan! Cute Shoes!!"

He has, however, recently taken to saying "dammit" when something hasn't gone his way lately, which is kind of bad. I've been trying to "correct" him without making him realize it - otherwise, he will think "dammit" is key word for GET ON MOMMY'S NERVES! The bad part is that he uses it in the right context. Last week when Sam was traveling, he was putting a puzzle together and he didn't have the right pieces to fit together - and he banged his fist on the table and said "dammit!" OK so how not to laugh at that???

Really quick the BOO story. We went up to New Jersey this weekend for a birthday party I put together for Sam's birthday. Where he grew up in NJ, is basically right outside of Philadelphia. So it's about a 5 hour drive. We left about 7:30 PM on Friday night and between stopping for gas and to stretch, we got to our hotel about 1:00 AM. Our HOPE was that the kids would sleep on the way up. (They didn't.) By the time we got them settled in the room (the girls had cribs from the hotel) and Zach had a Queen size bed that he didn't want to sleep in so I ended up with him and Sam in his own bed ... and we finally turned the lights off.....this is what happens:

One of the twins: "BOO"
The other twin: giggles
Daddy: Girls, stop that right now.
One of the twins: BOO
The other twin: more giggles
One of the twins: BOO
The other twin: more giggles (now they're both laughing) (And mommy and Zach are laughing quietly under our covers too!!)
Daddy: (Mutters to mommy: Apparently I'm the only one who can say anything!) GIRLS.... GO TO SLEEP AND STOP THAT LAUGHING!!!!!!!! Note: Mommy and Zach are still giggling under the covers, because it WAS rather funny even though it was past 2:00 AM!
One of the twins: BOO
Daddy: ARRRRGGGHGHGHGHH!!! Gets up and moves the twins apart. NOW GIRLS GO TO SLEEP, I'M NOT TELLING YOU AGAIN! (And Daddy mentions that Mommy is NOT helping matters!!)
Mommy: Come on girls, go to sleep otherwise we can't go see Donna Donna tomorrow!
One of the twins: BOO
Everyone: giggles (then mercifully - everyone falls asleep!)

(Authors note: There was actually about 3 or 4 more times that they said BOO and Daddy told them to stop ... but I figured you got the idea!!)

Kids do and say the funniest things. I hope I remember them all and I'm sorry if I bore you on my blog sometimes, but writing them down helps me remember them, so sorry you have to put up with my stories!! :) (SMILE!) Have a great night everyone!!


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