Thursday, June 5, 2008

Operation PeePeePooPoo

Well we're on day three of our potty training mission and .......

It is going AWESOME!!! Yesterday they did "pretty" good...all three of them had a couple accidents, but TODAY - they've done GREAT! Both Zach and Avery wore the same pair of underwear ALL DAY! (Except nap time - then they switched to pull ups) But neither of them had a single accident. And ... (drum roll please) ... Zach did # 2 in the Potty. Too much information for most of you, but that's VERY exciting news at this house!!! He's had a major phobia about pooping in the potty for the last year!!! Yippee! I hope that we continue down this path .... because I've seriously used only 9 diapers and about the same amount of pull ups in the last 3 days. (I don't know what we're going to do with all the extra cash??!!) <-- YEAH, right! Addison had a couple accidents today but she was dry the entire time after nap until I just put her to bed ... YIPPEE!!!
Just thought you all might be wondering how our potty training is going!! :)

Have a great night!!


Rachel xoxoxoxo

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